Deriv was launched and developed as a celebration of Binary.com's innovation and growth. The broker has been developing for over 20 years, focusing on the wishes and needs of its clients, as well as innovation. It offers traders the ability to trade forex, commodities, stocks and synthetic indices. The founding company of the broker Deriv is Regent Markets Group, which has a mission to make online trading more accessible to the masses was founded in 1999. Then the Group developed and re-branded, but later accepted its founding mission. This company offers binary options and was first acquired in 2000 where Regent Markets opened its first office in Malta.

A year later, the firm launched BetOnMarkets.com, the first platform to offer binary options to retail traders. Over the years, the company has grown more and has won several awards along the way. In 2013, BetOnMarkets rebranding to Binary.com. Until now, the company continues to expand and grow in the trading industry. Binary.com rebranded to Deriv. This rebranding came with advanced features, a new range of trading types, and various charting applications. More advanced and more developed platform. Deriv is being created as a place where people can trade what they want and how they want.


Deriv has been operating legally for over 20 years in the trading industry, strengthening, developing and continuing to grow. The company pushes innovation and devotes its focus to serve its customers well. Through rebranding, it has given more options and more options to traders on how they want their trades to go.

It offers the ability to trade and select over 100 assets that include Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. Moreover, it offers many binary options. The platforms are simple, user-friendly, but competitive. The leverage of this broker is generous, which is up to 1: 1000. The tools are well developed, refined and the customer support is smart and friendly. We recommend this broker for their professionalism, proven statistics and dedication to serving their traders through their products and services. We can say that this rebranding of Binary.com is good, well thought out and well worth the shot.

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